Dreaming of Morocco


Robbie and I took an amazing trip to Morocco several years ago visiting Marrakech, the High Atlas mountains and the seaside village of Essaouira.

The city of Essaouira sits behind ancient ramparts that are blasted all day by huge waves that crash against the walls–and it makes the air hazy and taste like salt.   Many of the buildings, boats and entry ways are painted in the most fabulous shade of blue (I like to call it Moroccan blue) and contrast beautifully with walls painted in white.

There’s a small souk, and Robbie and I spent many hours there visiting the various stalls, and sneaking out every now and then to eat grilled fish, octopus and fresh vegetables on the ocean at one of the many fish stands.

One of my favorite memories of the trip is the two of us sitting on the roof of our riyad, sipping coffee, and lounging in the sun as we listened to the sound of waves crashing against sea wall below.

The breezy look of this kaftan reminds me of those carefree moments.




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