Dear Wisteria



Robbie and I have been blessed for the last 13 years with the most incredible and awe inspiring Wisteria vine on our property in Petaluma.

When we were looking to purchase our first house, the sight of the soaring vine juxtaposed against a verdant and densely wooded lot behind us called out to us.  We pictured ourselves in this little haven, enjoying the sound of the birds, wildlife, and the beauty of the vine.

There was even an old, weathered picket fence going on 50 years of age that came with it!

Such magic.

The ancient vine has a trunk that is as large as an oak tree, and climbs majestically over 60 feet in to the sky, making its way through a myriad of tree trunks, branches (and even climbs the eaves of our house) –delighting us with the intoxicating scent of its blossoms and the otherworldly beauty of its delicate purple petals.

The fragrance of the blossoms on a warm spring day is so intense it is hard to describe-the  air thick with it and fills the lungs.

And the noise!!

Swarms of bees buzz from blossom to blossom pollinating to ensure that the vine continues to prosper.  Robbie likes to sit underneath the massive vines and enjoy a cigar as the bees swarm overhead.

And even the birds are enthralled.  They flit from vine to vine…and little petals fall from the vines like delicate little rain drops.

As a family, we have many treasured memories of sitting beneath the vines, sipping wine, enjoying a mid-summer lunch and just lounging and thinking.

We’ve also been treated to the sight of owls, possums, blue jays, robins, squirrels, song birds, woodpeckers, raccoons, chimp munks, innumerable butterflies and a host of amazing insects that once lived and populated the verdant and wooded lot owned by our former neighbor.  She loved the greenery of her untamed backyard, the safe haven it provided for wildlife, and the beauty of our Wisteria as much as we did.

And understandably, its  been a powerful source of inspiration for me.  Over the years I’ve created several designs that incorporate certain elements from this noble plant, including a lovely cuff I called the Wisteria Cuff.

May you be allowed to thrive for ages to come so your spirit and beauty can continue to delight, my Dear Wisteria.

We will remember you always.



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