Over The Moon

Robindira Unsworth Moonstone Rings

My mom was an avid collector of jewelry.

I remember vividly the stolen moments as a little girl when I would sneak in to her closet, close the door, and peer in to her jewelry case…

Rings upon rings, shimmering necklaces, and chic cuffs would dazzle me with their brilliance!  I had many favorites, but I especially loved her moonstone rings.

The pale white irridescence of moonstone speaks to me of Spring–and reminds me of blooming magnolias petals, alyssum and delicate cherry blossoms.

As a nod to those days of childhood, and the wonderment of a little girl staring at a chest of jeweled treasures, I created this bold yet delicate series of rings that feature moonstone, diamonds and oxidized silver.

I still find myself staring in wonderment.







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