The Goddess Stone

robindira unsworth jewelry necklace.jpg

The meaning, uses, and lore surrounding natural minerals and gemstones has always fascinated me.

Chrysocolla is renowned for the powerful feminine energy it exudes and is known as the Goddess Stone.  It is a cousin of turquoise in that both are copper minerals, but Chrysocolla is much more delicate–which is perhaps why it is associated with the feminine.

This particular stone looks to me like a white swirl of clouds over the riotous blues of the Aegean Sea–or the earth as seen from space.

I feel drawn to this stone  when I am feeling the need for an infusion of calm on a hectic day, or after a stressful week.

The rich blue green hues give me a sense of strength and peace and can renew my spirit so that I am once again ready to dive in to a new day.


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