robindira unsworth petaluma

 About a year ago, Robbie and I were in the process of looking for a new home, and we came upon an old 1858 Victorian that was for sale.  It had been on the market for over a year, which is very unusual for Petaluma (and most of California for that matter).

I remember walking through the front door of the house house on a rainy and cold day and instantly falling in love.   It hadn’t been taken care of in many years and signs of neglect were everywhere, but I knew if we had the opportunity to purchase it, Robbie and I could restore it to its former glory with lots of love and elbow grease.

On that day, I walked through the house and in to the back yard and saw an old stable, a large palm tree, and an old fence that was barely standing up.  There were no leaves on the branches of the trees in the back and the ground was just a mass of grey pebbles.

But even so, it was so enchanting!  I envisioned fixing up the old stable and turning it in to a studio where I could design and dream and turning the back in to an English tea garden.

As fate would have it (and lots of luck) we ended up purchasing the house at the beginning of the summer last year and began the process of fixing it up inside–while dreaming of transforming the back in to something beautiful.

But little did I know that after the spring rains this winter, our backyard would begin the task of transforming itself in to lush and tropical oasis…  who would have thought!

I love surprises.

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